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iBAN Wallet is an app that helps you control your finances, allows you to transfer money between you and your friends, and creates an interaction between borrower and lender, taking money management, investment and borrowing to a completely new level. Through the app, the users will have a modern money management tool, integrated with gamification and risk management.

The app will feature a live updating investor’s marketplace where lenders can train their keen eye through loan requests in the search for a smart investment.

On the other side, borrowers state their loan requests in order to appear on the marketplace. The borrower can specify certain variables of their contract, attracting investors with better terms than the competition.

Intended impact

The iBAN Wallet is a combination of two exploding markets – Sharing Economies and Crowdlending.raw6_image

Sharing Economies such as AirBnB and UBER manage housing and transport – iBAN Wallet manages money.

Crowdlending (also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) lending) has disrupted the banking world with its sudden growth in popularity and viability as a sound investment model; an exciting alternative to the traditional banks. iBAN Wallet puts the power of investment, and the capacity to obtain safe, fast credit back in the hands of the User.

Substantial accomplishments to date

We currently have more than £2M in requests from users with a monthly growth rate of 100%. After successfully launching into a total of 3 countries this year, 2017 will see us also located in Germany, France, Argentina and Mexico, in accordance with our expansion plan.
We have already launched 3 rewards campaigns in crowdfunder.co.uk, with a 100% success rate – in the UK and Germany.
According to diariodigital.com.do, we are pioneering financial digitalisation in Latin America.

Monetisation strategy

raw3_imageOur business model is simple: if a borrower receives money, we collect a fee for administration and legal diligence as a percentage of the total transaction, dependent on the specific arrangement of terms agreed with the borrower.

We are between 10% to 50% cheaper than the average fee charged by other institutions, in addition to being faster and easier to use thanks to the advantage of the Sharing Economy.



Daniel Eduardo Suero
Co-founder & CEO
  • Founder & CEO of Nuevo Sol
  • CFO & Founder of LEQ


Marc-Anthony Hurr⁣⁣⁣⁣
Co-founder & CTO
  • Business Consultant
  • Risk Data Aggregation


Mike Phillips
Investor Relations Manager UK
  • Business Consultant
  • CRM Workflow


Glennys Rosario De la Cruz
Operations Manager
  • Commercial Sales Dept. Manager
  • Collaborator in the Casa Rosada Foundation


Dominic Hurr
Technical Lead
  • Full-stack Web Developer
  • Data Storage Architect


Alberto Pascual Suarez
Risk Manager
  • Consulting Agent
  • Risk Manager FX Savi Trading

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20 July 2016

The aim of this campaign

We are a new start-up in an expanding market, in which demand for our loans is rapidly increasing. This campaign aims to spread knowledge of iBAN, demonstrate to people that this is a cause worthy of investment, and open an iBAN account – the ‘rewards’ offered for pledging to the crowdfunding campaign are explained through the link below.

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iBAN is a global platform which links people who wish to invest with those looking to borrow, at fantastic rates for both parties.

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iBAN is the first global FinTech with a Guarantee Fund. Lending with us allows you to support social projects. Click below to see more.

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